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CD Review: Art "Turk" Burton, Ancestral Spirits in "Chicago Jazz Magazine"


"This album leaves no doubt that Burton is an inventive and brilliant musician with a style simultaneously unique and rooted in tradition particularly that of Chicago’s creative music scene. Hopefully he will continue to lead sessions in the near future to add to his superb yet meager discography." - Hrayr Attarian

Art “Turk” Burton and Congo Square – Spirits: Then & Now in "Jazz da Gama"


"Mr. Burton’s wonderful sense of registral balance and articulation has intensified the colours and the emotions of the music of the AACM throughout its five illustrious decades. To put down all of his masterly work in celebration of this auspicious occasion would need much more than just the one disc. Despite the constraints the present one Spirits: Then & Now does capture some of the wonderful highlights of what was and what is the life and time of Art “Turk” Burton." - Raul da Gama

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